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Football camps are the place where many people seek to improve their physical, athletic and mental conditions to become a great football player. In these places you will find the necessary training to be able to reach the level you are looking for thanks to the modalities you possess and the benefits in the participants.

The modalities of the soccer camps in Spain

FC Porto Intensive

With limited places, these soccer camps in Spain offer people the opportunity to participate in FC Porto Intensive.

Through this intensive field, participants, regardless of age or level, will be able to share the various techniques and facilities from the beginning of the camp, which will then be separated into teams, taking into account their age and the level of football they possess.

The camp will be held in 6 days, during which participants will be able to choose between 23 December 2019 and 7 January 2020. But as every modality has an organization and in a schedule that starts from 9 in the morning and ends at 1 in the afternoon.

Although the organization is subject to change, during these hours participants will receive technical activation, shooting practices, beginning of the game, one hour for lunch, moments to compete with each other and video analysis.

In addition, this modality provides participants with the necessary equipment to perform the internships.

FC Porto High Performance

The high performance camp is aimed at participants between the ages of 12 and 21.

The trainings here dictated are at a high level qualified, which will help the players to increase their individual abilities and in turn increase the technical level within the practices performed.

Similarly, this modality lasts six days and the dates are from 23 December to 7 January 2020.

Their programming may change, but what they offer first is technical activation, shooting, game principles, time to eat, video analysis, moment of competition between players, food, nutrition or psychology workshops and english lessons.

Within this modality is also offered accommodation and full board, as well as equipment belonging to the campus. Apart from these modalities, the camp offers other services that players can hire, such as accommodation after the campus ends or before it begins.

Benefits of participating in a football camp

Participating in a football camp offers great benefits and all thanks to the methods and techniques they employ for each training, as well as the professionals who are in charge of delivering them, which have the necessary preparation to teach adequately everything related to football progress.

Within these programs it is possible that the participant will find a training that adapts to him and his time, such as High Performance or Intense. In addition, these camps customize the training according to the ages and levels of the players attending them.

The playing field for the workouts and equipment used are of high quality. Besides that the area of the residence is in an excellent state to offer players who will stay the comfort they need.

Within the camp, players will also be supervised by experts in other areas, such as nutritious, psychological, medical or physiotherapy. Players through training will be able to increase their technical level and comprehensive football vision.

In a few days, the program offers new techniques and skills that will improve the level of participants. Sounds good, right?

Football camps in winter are an excellent way to spend your holidays and at the same time enjoy, train to improve the conditions of the person and everything through modern facilities that have the professional advice of experts, both for physical and mental training, thus offering a complete program that will increase the capabilities of each player attending any of the offered modalities.

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