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The Working Mom is Beautiful and Strong: That’s What She Said



That's What She Said | Monthly Blog Hop | Chaos & Kiddos
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First EVER TWSSThat's What She Said 2

Here is how it works: Each month we will pick a quote, the quotes we choose are women’s words… get it?

That’s What She Said.

The linkup will run for 2 weeks.

We will pin and feature our favorites the following month.

You will always know what the next month’s quote is, we will have it posted here and sent to your inbox!

What are the rules?

We would like for you to connect with others, please visit the person who linked up before you and go show them some love.

It would be AWESOME if you would share the linkup via your social media. #That’sWhatSheSaidLinkUp

Of course it’s always fun to connect, let’s follow each other along.

Number one rule: have fun and be creative ♡

Your Hosts

Dean from Mrs.AOK A Work in Progress

Courtney from What’s Up with the Wilhelms

Katy from Chaos And Kiddos

This Month’s Quote:


Here’s my take on this month’s challenge –

The very first week of That’s What She Said is kicking off with one of my very favorite quotes by Audrey Hepburn. It’s my goal to use this monthly link up as an opportunity to define the working mom and affirm the many talents, assets and hearty characteristics that comprise her. My hope is that many a working mom will be encouraged by the reminder to embrace your role in your family and that it will also challenge us together to keep these traits at the forefront of our reputation even when things get overwhelming and we just want to break down. Today’s reminder…You, the working mom. You are beautiful and strong.

The chaos that is the working mom can often set us on the war path with the rest of the planet. We resent the endless to do list, find fault in how the rest of the world operates and lack patience and grace when it comes to our home. Exhaustion can weigh heavily on us and we often feel frazzled and defeated when we compare ourselves to others. This quote reminds me that I am beautiful and strong. That my beauty and strength as a working mom do not flow from picture-perfect hair, 4-inch stiletto heels and a smart suit. No, my beauty and strength as a working mom blossoms from my confidence in myself and in others, my belief that the world should be treated with kindness and that life should be handled with courage. True beauty and poise come from hard work, commitment to serving others and a heart that only seeks to accomplish greatness for the benefit of those around you.

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The working mom is tired, but she still stands tall and walks into work ready to get started. She is overwhelmed, but she still speaks in love and has time to kiss a boo-boo away. She is present, even when deadlines and projects lurk around the corner. She lives for her family, for her life and for her accomplishments. She is timeless, graceful, classic, revered. The working mom is beautiful and she is strong.

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Whether work is in sweatpants or at a corporate office. Whether you work the graveyard shift, part time or are a regular 9-5-er. Every working mom lives for her family. Be confident, but not arrogant. Be ambitious, but not overbearing. Be striking, but not intimidating. Be you. Beautiful and strong. The working mom.

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We hope you join us on October 10th!

We cannot wait to see how our girl Coco inspires you!

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  1. Mrs. AOK

    September 10, 2014 at 9:34 am

    Beautiful, Katy! Beauty is who we are, not what we look like; you my friend, you’re beautiful inside and out! I’m looking forward to reading more each month 🙂

  2. Mommy the Maid

    September 12, 2014 at 12:28 pm

    I love this quote. Thank you for hosting.

  3. Pria @ Rhinoplasty Philippines

    November 21, 2014 at 2:03 am

    Feeling empowered! “Whether work is in sweatpants or at a corporate office. Whether you work the graveyard shift, part time or are a regular 9-5-er. Every working mom lives for her family. Be confident, but not arrogant. Be ambitious, but not overbearing. Be striking, but not intimidating. Be you. Beautiful and strong. The working mom.” I just loved how you worded everything here Katy. Moms need this!

    • Katy Blevins

      November 21, 2014 at 11:36 am

      Yay! So glad this perked you up. Honestly, it was a great reminder for me to reread too!

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Think Outside the Toy Box Summer Series: Kool-Aid Sprinkle Art



Think Outside the Toy Box | Kool-Aid Sprinkle Art | Chaos & Kiddos: Mommy's Survival Guide
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It’s Monday!! You know what that means…it’s time for another Think Outside the Toy Box Summer Series challenge! This week…Kool-Aid. Last week, I thought I hit the bottom of the barrel as far as low cost, spending less than $6 on an afternoon of family fun with Paper Bag Maracas, but I blew it out of the water this week! Kool-Aid was on sale at Target for $2. I already had the rest of my supplies, so $2 and we were ready to go! Time to get messy and creative with Kool-Aid Sprinkle Art.

Think Outside the Toy Box Summer Series: Kool-Aid Sprinkle Art
NOTE: This is an outside project. Prepare to get messy! 

It was a beautiful sunny day and the kids were itching for some fun, so we stripped down for some messy art and took it outside to the back deck. A few pieces of construction paper, some Elmer’s glue and a tub of Kool-Aid and we were ready to play. 
I started by creating some pictures with the glue based on the kids’ requests (a sun, a tree, a snowman, a silly face). Then I handed them a paper cup filled with Kool-Aid and had them sprinkle away. The sprinkled (or dumped…ha!) the Kool-Aid along the glue around the edges of the picture, carefully spreading it as they went. 

Think Outside the Toy Box Summer Series: Kool-Aid Sprinkle Art
Think Outside the Toy Box Summer Series: Kool-Aid Sprinkle Art
Once they had it covered, I bent the paper gently in half to bring the excess Kool-Aid to the middle and dumped it out, shaking gently to remove and loose mix. In truth, the boys were already happy with seeing the light colored mix on their pictures…but the fun was still coming!
As the glue absorbed the Kool-Aid, it slowly turned to the actual color of the mix – red. They were shocked and super excited about this. “Mommy! My sun is turning red!!!” At that age, it was pure magic. 

Think Outside the Toy Box Summer Series: Kool-Aid Sprinkle Art
Think Outside the Toy Box Summer Series: Kool-Aid Sprinkle Art
I should note that this is not a forever project. Although I suspect the glue would have dried hard eventually, it stayed more like a gel when mixed with the Kool-Aid and never got much past the slimey, sticky phase, so I just tossed the remainders after the kids went to sleep. Our goal was to have fun using our hands to sprinkle and get messy, and to watch our pictures come to life with color. Next time we do this, I am definitely going to pick up several colors of Kool-Aid for even more fun! 
This activity was immediately followed with bath time! Kool-Aid gets EVERYWHERE. And you know after just a few short minutes, they found their fingers in their mouths. Sugar for the win! 

Think Outside the Toy Box Summer Series: Kool-Aid Sprinkle Art
Be sure to check out what the other ladies did with Kool-Aid on their blogs today, and link up your Kool-Aid family friendly projects below and share the fun as we all head into summer months. 

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Social Media Saturday



Social Media Saturday | IBA Link up
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Welcome to Social Media Saturdays, the one and only linkup sponsored by the International Bloggers Association, where bloggers grow together. Have you joined yet? If not, go there now!


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If that sounds good to you, then by all means, share the links to your social media accounts here!


Here are the rules:

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Click the button below or write your own tweet with the hashtag #ilovesocialsaturday so your new friends know where you came from and so that we can chat all day!


3. Follow the person before you in each category that you join and at least 2 more so that we make sure everybody gets some love!


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Let’s get started!!! Happy Saturday!!


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Each week, we’ll be featuring the three posts that got the most clicks in the previous week, so make sure to come back to see if you’ve been featured! Happy Blog-Hopping!


Here are the featured posts from last week’s Social Media Saturday


Chair Makeover: Miss Rose

Robin at Redo It Yourself Inspiration

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Blogology Part 2: Blogging Platforms

Megan at The Adventures of Nnoble and Pond

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