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Do You Want to know the Hair Transplant Cost in Turkey? Read this



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The price of hair transplant can be generally expensive, but right now you have a better option thanks to this unique offer, a hair transplant in an exclusive hair clinic in Turkey. The best option to cure alopecia is definitely performing a hair transplant in this part of the world.

The surgical interventions are carried out in important healthcare centers, some of them are the most advanced specialized centers worldwide. These centers have been cataloged a medical reference for hair transplants and have the JCI certification and, in addition, it counts with highly experienced professionals who are at your disposition with the latest technology and 5-star service.

Making a comparison of prices

We have created a simple and graphic comparison, so that you can better compare the hair transplant cost in Turkey.

We have made a comparison between hair treatments in the United Kingdom and Turkey. It has been taken as a basis on an operation, 5000 hair grafts and 2.5 euros the average price for each graft to calculate the budget.


Average price: 12.500 Euros

It includes:

Personalized advice preoperative consultation

Blood analysis

It does not include:

Assistance during the trip

Patient follow-up


Post-operative treatment

Private chauffeur

Breakfast included in a hotel 5 stars

Maximum number of implants

FUE hair graft

Hair transplant cost in Turkey

Average price: 2190 Euros

FUE graft of 5000 as maximum number of implants

5 stars hotel

Breakfast included in the hotel

Private chauffeur

English translation

Post-operative treatment

Patient follow-up


Assistance during the trip

What else does the hair transplant cost in Turkey include?

A package for hair graft in Turkey is all included, so that you do not have to worry about additional expenses, however, the standard package does not include the plane.

The package you select can be paid comfortably with a credit card, or cash, the day of the intervention. It currently includes two nights of accommodation and breakfast in a five- star hotel, plus all transfers airport hotel and hospital.

On the other hand, this package also includes consultation and diagnosis of the specialist surgeon, a complete medical analysis prior to the intervention (this is mandatory), hospital clothes for the operation, use of local anesthesia, capillary graft using the FUE technique and transplant with the maximum number of grafts, lunch the day of the intervention, the medications to be used during the period, postoperative shampoo and lotion for the postoperative medical control, and informative monitoring.

Some institutions have the international recognition, in fact some of them are largest in the world. Some institutions have a team of prepared professionals in this area, besides having the best facilities for hair grafting in Turkey.

The primary objective is to offer the best hair growth in the patient. In fact, this is the only and great objective in hair transplants: the rate of growth survival of implanted hair is the main reason for a failure after the intervention.

The loss of oxygen in the hair follicle, unlike any implant organ transplant, is an important issue.

The graft implanted in the scalp needs several days to build a capillary network in the grafts. During this period of time, the hair follicles passively absorb the oxygen that are diffused through tissue. That is why adenosine triphosphate (ATP) is usually used to ensure that oxygen passes completely through the grafted hair follicles and thus ensure the best growth rate in the hair.

Adenosine triphosphate is the molecule that transports the chemical energy inside the cells for the correct metabolism of every cell. That is the reason why during the post –operative care a combination of Hypothermosol FRS and ATP guarantees the hair regrowth.

Hypothermosol FRS is a proven storage solution that includes components that offer osmotic support, and PH buffering. When this two bio enhancements work together, the post-operation trauma is reduced and more hairs stay on the scalp.

So, if you are considering a hair transplant, the most advanced centers are in Istanbul and there you can hire experienced professionals who are at your service. Besides that, the hair transplant cost in Turkey is significantly lower.

Hey all! Big thanks to Katy Blevins for handing over the reins to me at the end of 2017 to fulfill my new years resolution to write...often! Based in Miami, you can find me blogging about family life as a mother of two young kids. But i'll also continue the Chaos and Kiddos theme of business, fashion, parenting, product reviews, and...well, I could go on and on.

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How to Make Sure You Are Getting the Best Care



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As a society, we are more health-conscious than ever. With access to information at your fingertips and the premium on preventive care, you’re probably asking questions about how to make sure you are getting the best care. It’s a big question and one that everyone should be asking, especially when the stakes are high. By being informed about the best care, you’re likely to receive, and how to get it, you’ll be in a better position to ask the critical questions about your personal care. Here, we look at a few factors to consider when thinking about your health care. Check your medical records What does it take to make sure you are getting the best medical care? Check your medical records for errors and inconsistencies. When it comes to your health, it is vital that you verify that your doctor is giving you the best care and treatment. And for that, periodically checking your medical records is important. The law says you’re entitled to a copy of your medical records any time, for free, from any doctor or hospital that has them. Your medical care is more integrated than ever before – from surgeries to specialist consultations. A few minutes going through your records could save you from a mistake later, or even save your life. Look for a communicative doctor How communicative is your doctor? How much time do you spend with him or her? Do you feel like you understand your diagnosis and treatment? ​Are they taking the time to properly explain things to you and make your feel comfortable with your diagnosis and treatment? When a doctor listens closely to you and thinks more about what you say than what they have to say, that’s called communication. Communication is a skill that must be learned and earned. Good communication is at the heart of a positive clinical encounter. Explore other options It’s always good to hear different points of view when making healthcare decisions. More than half of all patients are not happy with their healthcare providers. More than 80% say they would like to see another doctor. If you’re not 100% confident with your current health care provider, now is the time to explore other options. You may not be taking advantage of the complete range of medical and health options available to you. There are a ton of innovative and life-saving treatments, medicine and more. Depending on what is most important to you, you may decide a new doctor is the best choice. Some may be a specialist in the field you need. Some may offer fast-track appointments or 24-hour care.  Some may be cheaper or offer more suitable treatments. The only way to know is to explore your options. There are easy ways to make sure you are in good hands. Often we assume someone is better than they really might be, but if you are unsure of your current doctor or any healthcare professional’s qualifications, it is as simple as asking or doing a little research online. With the internet and the proper tools, you can find out all there is to know about them in no time.

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9 Tips to Reset Your Adrenals When You Don’t Have Time to Rest



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When you’re a busy mom, it feels like there are never enough hours in the day. You are constantly rushing to and fro to take care of your family. But when you are living like that, you are burning the candle at both ends. Eventually, you are going to find yourself in a situation of chronic stress and even burnout. When it hits, you might feel symptoms like fatigue, difficulty waking up or going to sleep, anxiety, and increased muscle tension. Any physical or mental health conditions you have could flare. “You just need to take some time off and rest,” may be good advice for resetting your adrenal system and de-stressing, but what if you don’t have that luxury? Let’s go over some tips to help you fight adrenal fatigue and chronic stress even if you can’t take time out of your busy schedule.

  1. Take a healthy herbal supplement for adrenal support.

One big step you can take which won’t take any time at all is to start taking a natural supplement like the highly-rated VITALITY Adrenal Support & Fatigue Fighter by Eu Natural. This supplement contains powerful ingredients like Organic KSM-66® Ashwagandha, Zinc, Kelp Iodine, Holy Basil, and Rhodiola to support your adrenal system. Make it part of your daily routine, and before long, hopefully you will start noticing an improvement.

  1. Eat a wholesome, healthy diet.

If you are eating a lot of sugars and greasy foods fried in unhealthy fats, you will be promoting inflammation and feeding into the problems you are experiencing. Instead, eat healthy foods which are high in antioxidants and which fight inflammation. A balanced diet which is rich in meats, healthy fats, fruits and vegetables can help. While you’re at it, make sure you are staying hydrated and also keeping up with your electrolyte needs.

  1. Get a full night of sleep each night.

There is no excuse for not having time for a full night of sleep every night. Even if it means that there are other things you cannot get around to, make sure you are getting the sleep you need. Doing so will help your body reset. It will also help you function at your best and stay safe with everything you do, which is extra important for any mom!

  1. Learn to say “no” to unnecessary obligations.

As a busy mom, it is easy to get swamped in commitments. Between taking care of your own family, participating in the PTA, helping out other moms and maybe juggling a day job, you might find yourself forgetting how to say the word “no.” But not every commitment you are making is necessarily one that you need to make or even should. Practice setting boundaries to keep life balanced and manageable.

  1. Realize it is okay to ask for help.

We often feel that as moms, we need to wear a lot of hats and do everything ourselves. But the reality is that nobody should have to do everything on their own. If you have a spouse, a family member or a friend who could help you with something now and again, there is nothing wrong with asking so that you can focus on what is most important for you to do. In fact, it is the smart thing to do and a good lesson to pass on to your kids. If you don’t ask for help when you need it, your kids probably won’t either, and you don’t want that.

  1. Spend more time in nature.

One good way to de-stress is to spend time outdoors. Get some sunlight and fresh air. Surround yourself with nature. That doesn’t mean you have to find time to go on a camping trip. It might just mean sitting outside while you work on a task instead of doing it indoors.

  1. Meditate, try deep breathing, or use visualizations.

Relaxation techniques can help a lot of people to de-activate the sympathetic nervous system and turn on the parasympathetic nervous system. You can try a deep breathing exercise, visualize something calming, or meditate. There are many ways to approach each of these relaxation activities. Even just five minutes can help!

  1. Exercise.

As with meditating, working out doesn’t have to involve a ton of time and energy. Even if all you do is take a quick ten minute walk at some point each day, you are going to boost circulation, burn off some excess adrenaline, and fight inflammation.

  1. Make yourself a priority too.

Your first priority is, of course, your children. But it is important to remember that you shouldn’t make yourself last on the list. You are important too, and you can only be a good parent to your kids if you are taking care of your wellbeing. So, don’t make yourself an option—make yourself a priority. Just by adjusting your mindset, you may find it easier to start saying “no” to unnecessary commitments and maybe scheduling in a little more “me” time. Even Busy Moms Can Find Ways to Reduce Chronic Stress Now you have a bunch of ideas for how you can fight adrenal fatigue and chronic stress even as a busy mother. Start by taking VITALITY, and begin introducing exercise, meditation, time outdoors, and other simple, positive changes to your life, even in small increments. You will be surprised what a difference just 5 or 10 minutes a day of true relaxation can make!

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Coronavirus Impact On Sports Betting



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The coronavirus pandemic that has swept across the globe in the last few weeks and months has not only had a significant impact on public health, the society and the economy as a whole, it has also wreaked havoc to the sporting calendar. In a bid to stem the spread of the virus, many professional and amateur leagues across all continents and sport took the unprecedented step to postpone or suspend their seasons on the advice of the CDC to avoid gatherings of large numbers of people. The sudden halt of all football has hit the betting industry hard. If you are a fan of the gambling and sports betting and at a time like this when most of the population is quarantined and soccer and sports competitions are frozen, the need to explore the world of King Billy Online Casino in Australia should be of great preference with a lot of benefits at its disposal. It is a known fact that sports-betting companies, and the media businesses that had been rushing to capitalize on the industry, are cutting costs to keep their businesses afloat and finding creative ways to keep fans entertained while much of the sports world is in limbo. Below are some of the negative effects of the corona virus on the sporting/betting industry.


   In Football,

  • The Premier League, EFL and Football Association announced that professional football in England will not resume until mid-May at the earliest, but the season would be extended indefinitely.
  • The premier league says it will only resume when it is safe and appropriate to do so.
  • UEFA postponed Euro 2020 until the summer of 2021, with new dates of June 11 to July 11 next year proposed.
  • England’s two friendlies in March at Wembley against Italy and Denmark were cancelled, and were followed by the friendlies with Austria and Romania in June. Wales’ international matches with Austria and the United States at the end of March were also called off.
  • The Women’s Super League and FA Women’s Championship were also postponed by the FA.
  • FIFA relaxed rules on clubs having to release players for forthcoming international fixtures and also recommended that “all international matches previously scheduled to take place in March and April should now be postponed until such time that they can take place in a safe and secure environment”.

In Olympics and Paralympics, The International Olympic Committee has agreed to delay the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games for a year due to coronavirus. A statement read: “In the present circumstances and based on the information provided by the WHO today, the IOC President and the Prime Minister of Japan have concluded that the Games of the XXXII Olympiad in Tokyo must be rescheduled to a date beyond 2020 but not later than summer 2021, to safeguard the health of the athletes, everybody involved in the Olympic Games and the international community.” – The British Olympic Association said it will not “endanger the health” of athletes by encouraging them to prepare for Tokyo 2020 if it is not safe to do so. – The Greek leg of the Olympic Torch Relay was cancelled the day after the first flame-lighting ceremony since 1984 to take place without spectators. In Golf, – The 149th Open Championship at Royal St George’s has been cancelled. – The Players Championship was cancelled along with all PGA Tour events for the next three weeks. The PGA also cancelled four other events in April and May – the RBC Heritage, the Zurich Classic of New Orleans, the Wells Fargo Championship and the AT&T Byron Nelson. The PGA Tour makes plan to resume in June with tournaments played behind closed doors. – Six European Tour tournaments were postponed. The Kenya Open has been joined by April’s Hero Indian Open, Maybank Championship and China Open. The Andalucia Masters, from April 30-May 3, was also postponed along with August’s Czech Masters. – The Irish Open, scheduled for May 28-31, has also been postponed. – The Ladies European Tour’s Aramco Saudi Ladies International was postponed with a view to it being rescheduled later in the year. In Cricket, – The ECB announced there will be no professional cricket played in England and Wales until May 28. – England’s Test series against Sri Lanka was postponed with the touring players returning home. – The start of the Indian Premier League was postponed from March 29 to April 15 as a precautionary measure. In Boxing, – Anthony Joshua’s world title fight against Kubrat Pulev has been postponed. It was set to take place in London on June 20. – The British Boxing Board of Control has suspended all events till further notice. – Dillian Whyte vs Alexander Povetkin has been moved to July 4. – Top Rank announced the postponement of its shows at Madison Square Garden on March 14 and 17. Belfast featherweight Michael Conlan’s bout against Colombian fighter Belmar Preciado at the Hulu Theater on St Patrick’s Day was therefore scrapped. – Shakur Stevenson vs Miguel Marriaga and James Kirkland vs Marcos Hernandez (March 14) were postponed. In Motorsport, – The season-opening Australian Grand Prix was called off along with the Monaco GP, while the races in Bahrain, Vietnam, China, Spain and the Netherlands have been postponed. – The Azerbaijan Grand Prix and the Canadian Grand Prix also postponed. – Formula One’s governing body approved a revised shutdown period – which had been reserved for August – to enable the possibility for racing throughout the summer. Team factories will be ordered to close for three consecutive weeks at an elected time between now and the end of April. Therefore as a result of the postponements and cancellations of matches and games, it has greatly affected sporting/betting industry.


The sport’s greatest strength is to gather interest and drag crowds. This cannot be possible because of the pandemic. Matches are now happening behind closed doors, cancellation of competitions and calendar changes and this has really been a great barrier to the financial development and stability of the sports world as well as the betting/gambling industry.


The surge of unemployment and joblessness is now of great concern to all. For the first time in nearly two decades, the $160 billion sports world has gone dark. The ramifications of cancelling or postponing play are wide-ranging, from mundane considerations about competition to potentially serious financial consequences for athletes, teams, leagues and organizations and the tens of thousands of people who work at sporting events. More than 6.6 million people filed jobless claims in the week ending 4th April, the department of Labour said. The pandemic has caused lots of unemployment around the world as everyone seeks to stay indoors in other to protect themselves from the virus.

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