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Would you like to work with Chaos & Kiddos? Let’s partner together to support your business and blogging ventures!

Please inquire for current pricing and availability for advertising spots, sponsorships and product/service reviews via email at [email protected] Please refer to our Legal Policies & Terms of Use for additional information. You may review our Media Kit for more information about our audience and reach. For events and/or speaking engagements, please inquire for pricing and policies.

Please note, Chaos & Kiddos reserves the right to refuse any and all partnership offers, reviews, advertisements and/or other sponsorships if they are deemed a poor fit for the audience and contributors to this blog. All reviews are 100% our honest opinion and may take four weeks from the point of review to the point of publication. This is a family-friendly blog so all incoming requests or purchases will be reviewed for content. Disclosure statements will be made for any and all sponsored content.

We look forward to working with you and thank you for stopping by to catch up on the crazy!

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