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6 Ways to Spend Quality Time with Friends



Life is filled with responsibilities. It can, therefore, be difficult to find time to socialize with friends in the middle of the chaos. As a result, you’ll want to ensure you make the most of the moments you do get to share with those closest to you. Here are six ways to spend quality time with your friends.

Exercise Together

Exercise should become part of your daily routine, so why not ask your friends to join you? Not only will it allow you to spend more time together, but you’ll each get to improve your health and fitness levels. It can also help to strengthen your bond, as you can each follow the same diet and exercise plan, so you’ll have plenty to talk about and can support each other along the way.

Break Free from an Escape Room

Are you looking for an activity that’s a little bit different to drinks or dinner? Consider booking an escape room, which will require you to put your problem-solving skills into action to break free from the room within 60 minutes. There are multiple storylines to follow when you enter a Charlotte Escape Room, and you’ll need to work as a group to solve puzzles and crack codes.

Plan a Vacation

Are you and your friends often full of excuses on why you can’t meet up? It is essential to make time for one another to maintain a long-lasting relationship. If you want to hold onto a fantastic friendship and help it to grow from strength-to-strength, you should consider planning a vacation together, which could be as short as one night or as long as two weeks. It will allow you all to focus on your friendship and spend many a day together with no distractions.

Start a Restaurant Club

Would you and your friends class yourselves as foodies? They might jump at the chance to start a restaurant club. Each month one friend from the group should be responsible for picking a new restaurant, which will allow you to try different cuisines and dining experiences. It will also ensure you all to get together at least one day a month to chat, laugh and catch-up.

Schedule a Regular Television Date

If you and your friends love the same TV show, such as Game of Thrones or Orange is the New Black, arrange for them to come over to your house to watch it. Stock up on snacks and drinks to immerse yourselves in the show, and you can discuss your favorite scenes once it is over.

Book Tickets to a Sports Game

If you both have a passion for a sport, book tickets to an upcoming game so you can share in the atmospheric experience together. You’ll have plenty of fun cheering on your favorite team and shouting at the referee, and you will never be short of things to talk about before, during and after a game. Even if you just meet up for the game, you’ll have some quality time spent together.

Hey all! Big thanks to Katy Blevins for handing over the reins to me at the end of 2017 to fulfill my new years resolution to write...often! Based in Miami, you can find me blogging about family life as a mother of two young kids. But i'll also continue the Chaos and Kiddos theme of business, fashion, parenting, product reviews, and...well, I could go on and on.

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