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Working Mom Spotlight! An Interview with Tami from Mom of 11 Kids



Mom of 11 Kids

Life as a working mom is always a busy balance between chaos, kiddos, work and play. Can you imagine running your own small business (that turns out to be not so small!) as a mom of 11 kids? Suddenly feel like your life is a bit more manageable? Me too! I’m thrilled to introduce you to Tami, of Mom of 11 Kids. She has a fabulous new line of all-natural, made in the USA products made just for you and your littles, and her life and business are just what I’m loving on when it comes to Modern Femme Movement. Say hello to Tami! If she can do it, so can you!

Mom of 11 Kids

  • A Little More About Tami’s Business Dream

In 2006, Tami met her second husband, the owner of a company called Aidance Scientific, which develops therapeutic skincare solutions for hundreds of conditions.  Having long been a proponent for health, wellness and all-natural ingredients, Tami was impressed by their core technology and knew they could formulate products to specifically support busy moms and their families. After re-marrying and settling into life as a mom of 11 kids, Tami was able to make her dream a reality.

In December 2014, in the midst of working with a research and development team on the products, Tami decided to launch Mom of 11 Kids as an online community. “When we reached 10,000 followers within a few months, we knew we found a special way to connect with moms.” The product line and a new website were officially introduced in August 2015. Want to hear it straight from Tami? Watch the video on her “Our Story” page!

  • Why Tami is a Working Mom Just Like You!

The greatest challenge Tami faces being at the helm of Mom of 11 Kids is that she is actually a mom to 11 kids!

Mom of 11 KidsShe is also honest about her secret weapon – she doesn’t have one! “There’s nothing magical. I don’t live by a planner. I’m flexible because I have to be.” Between school activities, doctor appointments, and business meetings, Tami can’t always keeps to commitments. Luckily her family and friends understand that, and she relies heavily on that support system. “There’s this notion that we feel we have to do it all. It takes a village and moms can’t be shy about asking for help.”

Of finding a balance between work and family, she says, “It’s not easy. You can’t do everything well all the time. Sometimes I ask – what was I thinking? But I love being a working mom. I especially enjoy the camaraderie and the intelligent conversations.” 

One way Tami unwinds is by listening to audio books during her commute. “From intellectual reads to guilty pleasures, it’s a great way to unwind and multi-task.”

  • Tami’s Advice for Those Tough Moments of Overwhelm

When it comes to feeling overwhelmed, her advice is “to do one productive task, whether it’s feeding your family an easy meal, making a batch of cookies, or organizing the shoes in the foyer. Something you can do that makes you feel like you have control over your life. A tangible win.”

Mom of 11 Kids


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Calling All #WomenWhoWork! 3 Reasons You Need To Attend #MFM2016



#WomenWhoWork #MFM2016 Join the Movement

For us #WomenWhoWork, we most often wear several hats on any given moment of any given day. Many, if not most, of us are mothers, and we’re wives, friends, sisters, daughters, too. It’s in our nature to provide for those around us. We are motivated, personally and professionally. We have dreams. We are #WomenWhoWork. And, most of us are really, really, really burnt out.


The Modern Femme Movement is coming to Virginia Beach, VA in May 2016. It’s a three-day, power-packed long weekend of motivation, restoration, challenge and purpose. And you need to be there. Why?

1. Revive: As small business owners and female entrepreneurs, we all hit the wall sometimes. Doing this thing called life while scraping up the means and motivation to dig deep and create something all our own is beyond challenging. It’s not for the feint of heart and it’s certainly not a path full of rainbows. But you know what? You’re not alone. That same passion that runs through your veins and keeps you burning the midnight oil runs in the hearts of every. single. person. you will meet at #MFM2016. Surround yourself with women who get “it.” Be encouraged and be yourself among women who share the same trials, tribulations, victories and triumphs that ebb and flow in the life of a small business owner. This is your tribe, ladies.Welcome home!

Female Friends Taking Selfie During Lunch Outdoors

2. Refresh: This will be a convention like no other. Not only will you be professionally challenged to take your business to the next level, but you will be personally encouraged to embrace your unique beauty and strength as #WomenWhoWork. You’ll hear from financial specialists, media gurus and powerful women in key positions across the country. But you’ll also hear from body image counselors, quiet wisdom and purpose and be offered simple advice on claiming your personality and communicating with grace, style and class. #MFM2016 is so much more than an entrepreneurial conversation. It’s a quest for a well-balanced life where today’s woman thrives in the office and at home.

Group Of Three Female Friends Having Fun Together

3. Reward: You deserve a break. It’s time to slow down. Take a few days to sit back and look at the big picture. Sleep in a bit on the Heavenly Bed at The Westin Virginia Beach Town Center. Connect with the local shops at the beautiful Town Center of Virginia Beach. Put your toes in the sand and be moved by the ocean waves. Paint. Dance. Learn. Grow. This is your time. You’ve earned it! As women, we often hesitate to gift ourselves. The decision to break away from the routine and step out to a new environment and have life continue on “without us” for a few days feels invasive or more hassle than it’s worth. Trust me, this is worth it. Take the leap of faith and commit to do something for yourself. Commit to self-care. Join the Movement.



Over 20 speakers. In 2 days. 900 other #WomenWhoWork. Celebrate YOU.

Just to name a few – A powerhouse female reality TV star from Bravo. Two former celebrity news anchors who left the limelight to follow their dreams. One Croatian leader who is living the American Dream against all odds. One female entrepreneur whose fundamental mission is to give moms the power to generate income while staying home with the kids. A bad ass boudoir photographer. A wedding photographer who refuses to work on Saturdays. A doctor who focuses on making your shi(f)t happen. This weekend is ALL. ABOUT. YOU.

PS. Want a scholarship? Ummm, yeah!!!! We’ve got one. Right HERE

Happy City Business Woman With Copy Space

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FREE Online Conference Alert! A Don’t Miss Opp for Small Biz Owners



Fit, Focused & Effective: Health Summit for Busy Women

I made the announcement last week to mark your calendars for May 12-14, 2016 for Modern Femme Movement (Seriously, do NOT miss this!!). More coming on that front (Stay tuned!), and a teeny, tiny reminder that subscribers to this blog (Fill me out over there!! —–>) and members of the Facebook community will get the first shot at early registration. I have a few other surprises in the works, but I wanted to take a quick moment to share a fabulous free online conference opportunity for busy women.

Next week, Fit, Focused & Effective: Health Summit for Busy Women, will kick off with an honest look from top women in health, wellness, and fitness as we all aim for a more balanced, fulfilled life. This free online conference is packed with insight, wisdom and takeaways from 20 of the busiest women on this planet! And I’m thrilled to say, quite honored actually, that I’m included in this bunch of fabulous ladies.


Bryn from interviewed me several weeks ago for this summit, and I can’t wait for my own podcast to run for a 48 hour stretch beginning May 29. We may have run down a few rabbit trails talking about my tattoos and why they are therapy for me, and I finish off with the one question you should be asking yourself every, single day as a small business owner and busy working woman.

There are very few free online conference opportunities that offer such rich insight to attendees. These ladies are not “phoning it in.” There is a real heart passion for women finding peace and contentment in good health, good business and great family. The podcasts allow you the flexibility to tune in when is best for you. I hope you’ll join us!

Fit, Focused & Effective: Health Summit for Busy Women

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The Love Story of Adoption



The Love Story of Adoption | Chaos & Kiddos

I met Jennifer at a wedding earlier this year and was captivated by her heart for adoption. Hearing how she started her own small business journey with the specific purpose to fund her family’s dream of adopting a child in need was an inspiration and true example of ambition, purpose and commitment to turning dreams into reality. It brings a whole new meaning to the term “working mom.”  I’m thrilled to play a tiny part in their adoption story by sharing with all of you. Please welcome Jennifer and give her some love, prayers and support as she continues to battle for one very, special little girl.

Our Dream and Hope of Adoption

Hi there!  I’m Jennifer, a wife of 10+ years, a mom of two high-spirited boys ages 6 & 8, a preschool music teacher, and a soon (well in reality we still have a long journey ahead) to be mama to a little girl from Bulgaria!  We have often talked of adoption, since I was a teen I can remember thinking that one day I’d adopt.  My husband and I have a heart for the fatherless, compassion for those hurting, and while we’ve wanted to adopt for years, the cost of adoption had kept us from ever being able to start the adoption process.  Did you know that the average adoption can cost upwards of $25,000?  Yep, that about knocked the wind out of me too!

family photo

In 2012, everything changed after I went on a mission trip to Haiti and was able to visit two orphanages.   No longer was the idea of an orphan simply those without parents.  While that is horrible in and of itself, it’s about so much more.  Orphans barely get their most basic needs met.  Many have experienced more trauma and heartache in their few short years of life than most of us ever will in an entire lifetime.  There aren’t enough caregivers for the amount of children in the orphanages.  They don’t love on, hug and carry the kids like you and I would.  The kids flew out of the orphanage with their hands up, hoping we’d simply hold them and play with them.   The first child I held was a little over a year old, crying, and was sitting at a balcony overlooking the courtyard of the orphanage.  As I picked her up her crying stopped, she put her sweet head on my shoulder, gripped my shirt with her little hands and simply remained like that the entire time I held her.  God used that sweet little girl to show me that I had to trust Him to help us through the financial burden of adoption.  These children need forever families.  No, the adoption process isn’t easy, it’s incredibly expensive and overwhelming, the total time to complete the adoption will take years, but the children are waiting.  Would you believe over 140 million orphans are in the world today?


I’ve always been somewhat crafty and so I began to brainstorm how to add a little supplemental income to the mix.  Believe it or not it all started with coasters and a little dream stirring within after my first trip to Haiti.  From there I started making various types of jewelry and custom wreaths, and now have given all my time to custom hand stamped jewelry and wreaths.  I love anything that has a sentimental feeling and each piece I make for others truly brings me joy!  100% of the profit I make from selling these items goes straight into our adoption fund!  We’ve also begun various forms of fundraising for the adoption.  We’ve set up an account where people can make what I like to call a ‘love gift’ towards the adoption, I’ve also created an Etsy Shop to display and sell the items I make, and you can also find me through Facebook, Jen’s Gifts of Hope.

productimages-6 productimages-15 productimages-31 productimages-40

While it took us quite a while to research the various adoption agencies, and muddle through all of the different requirements and stipulations for each country, we have committed to working with All God’s Children International and will be adopting from Bulgaria.  We officially began all the paperwork this past summer along with the first big chunk of money toward the adoption.  I can’t tell you how special it was to mail in that first payment and officially get the ball rolling!  We have seen God’s faithfulness and trust Him to continue to provide.

Do I get overwhelmed with the whole adoption process?  YES!  Do I have moments of fear that we’ll never raise all the money necessary to adopt?  YES!  But then I just remind myself that the need is great and if I can push through, keeping my focus on the end goal, possibly even being an advocate for adoption in the process… guess what?  Slowly those fears begin to diminish.  I’m pressing on for one little girl I don’t even know yet, fighting for this little girl who we’ll be able to give a forever family.  I’m so grateful for those who are helping us along this adoption journey!  Hope has been a recurring theme in our lives; hope is the courage to fight for something unseen, holding out with the expectation that piece by piece everything will fall into place.  I can’t wait to see this beautiful picture unfold.  I know there will be many more who will step in to help us, possibly those who read this today will want to help.  There are many different ways to help, but the end result will be the same, knowing you helped there to be ONE LESS orphan in this world!  And while that may not seem like making a big difference when there are over 140 million orpahns, trust me when I say it will be life changing, possibly even life saving for the little girl we’re adopting.  Won’t you please consider joining us in this journey?  We’d also love for you to stay in touch with us and where we are in the adoption process, you can do that by checking out our website,


**A huge Thank You to Katy for allowing us to share our story with her faithful readers!  It’s people like her that are helping us along with our journey!  We are so blessed and will be forever grateful for people like her!  Thank you Katy!  Your willingness to help in this way means more than words could ever express!  Know that you now hold a piece to the puzzle as it unfolds in this beautiful picture called adoption!


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