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Exercise Plans for the Busy, Working Mom



Easy Exercise Plans for the Busy, Working Mom | Chaos & Kiddos

Please join me in welcoming guest blogger, Kaitlin Gardner, from An Apple Per Day! She’s here with us today to share some quick tips and tricks for easy exercise routines for the busy, working mom. As a former half-marathon runner and avid yogi, the lack of exercise I get these days is a constant frustration. Admittedly, I’ve probably slacked off more than I needed to, and Kaitlin’s great tips have motivated me to make the most of what little time I may have to exercise and stay fit. I feel better emotionally and physically when I do, and a better me makes me a better mom!

Easy Exercise Plans for the Busy, Working Mom | Chaos & Kiddos

We’ve all heard the phrase, “killing two birds with one stone.” Well, for me, one of those “birds” is exercise and that “stone” is time: With one block of time, in fact, as little as thirty minutes, you can incorporate exercise into your day on a regular basis. Think you don’t have time? Too many kids? Too much work? Read on for more ideas on how to incorporate exercise into your busy life, complete with kids, house, yard, animals, work and all!

It’s a rare moment when I don’t have a full “to do” list bearing down on me. But it doesn’t stop me from squeezing in some exercise; in fact, the busier I get, the more protective of my exercise time I become. Why? Because, as another popular saying goes, “If mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy!” So I suppose that the best trick to finding time to exercise is really no trick at all: it’s a choice to protect a little time every day for exercise. Think of it as an important appointment that all other tasks must be scheduled around. Once you have chosen to make some amount of exercise part of every day, even 15 minutes of stretching, you are half-way there.

Back to Two Birds, One Stone

Once you’ve made the decision to exercise regularly, give yourself the best chance of success by finding clever ways to incorporate it into your regular (busy) routine. One of my favorite tricks for blending a busy life and exercise is by overlapping my exercise time with something enjoyable, which takes my mind off the to-do list. Occasionally, I steal away a few moments to really be present in my workout, but for me, at least while my kids are young, exercise is a means to an end. That said, here are a few of my favorite ways to get all the jobs done.

Embrace Modern Technology – Indoors and Out!

First, I set my DVR to record automatically the two or three shows each week that I absolutely don’t want to miss. When I’m ready to hit the treadmill or do some yoga and stretching, I turn on the TV in our game room and not only do I exercise while watching my favorite program, but the time flies! In fact, I’ve noticed that I exercise longer, on average, when I’m doing it while watching the TV!

For outdoor activity, don’t forget the smartphone. In addition to letting the music serve as your distraction while you log the laps, try tuning into a local talk show, TED talk, or podcast (downloadable to your phone for listening at your convenience). When I’m distracted by listening to an engaging conversation or my favorite music, I’m motivated to run or walk for far longer than I would have without them. Need dinner ideas? Find a cooking podcast and find out what’s for dinner while you garden!

If you have a backyard pool, and children, chances are you spend a considerable amount of time supervising. Aqua aerobics is a great way to build muscle tone and burn calories while the kids are having their fun splashing around you. Water’s natural resistance will give simple leg lifts and arm circles in chest deep water a whole new meaning!

Outside Watering the Flowers? Don’t Just Stand There!

For the Calves

Keep a cinder block or brick in the area where you normally stand, or near where you are watering. Stand on the block and the balls of your feet and lower your heels to the ground, then back up. If balance is an issue, place the brick near a post or fence; just one or two fingers on a stationary object is plenty to keep you balanced. Doing three sets of 12 of these, three days a week will do wonders for your calves!

Squats and Lunges for the Upper Legs

For a great upper legs and butt workout while the planters are filling, do three sets of ten squats or lunges. Walk a line of lunges around your garden or yard, or stay in place.

For When You Have a Little More Time…

If you have a little more time on your hands to truly get into the exercise moment, so to speak, but joining a gym is out of the question, don’t worry; with most cable packages today, there are exercise channels that feature 24-hour yoga, Zumba, or aerobics workouts that you can watch in the privacy of your own home, and without the travel time. Just set the DVR and then tune in when it’s convenient for you.

Remember, getting into shape starts in your mind: Make a decision to do it and then use the resources that are at your finger (and toe) tips! No need for a special wardrobe, monthly dues or traveling across town.


Kaitlin_HeartKaitlin Gardner started to further her passion for a family friendly, green living lifestyle. She is married to her college sweetheart and lives in Pennsylvania. She and her husband enjoy going for long hikes, to get out and enjoy nature. She is working on her first book about ways to live an eco-friendly, healthy, natural life.



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  1. Tricia the Good Mama

    September 10, 2014 at 2:44 pm

    This is great! I’m pinning so I can make sure to try out these exercises.

  2. Savanna McCurry

    September 17, 2014 at 8:39 pm

    Great post!! I am definitely a working Mom in need of more exercise!!

    • Katy Blevins

      September 23, 2014 at 4:54 pm

      As I catch up on comments and come to this post, Savanna…yeah, reminded I need to pick this charge back up again!!! Still not using my little bits of time like I should most days.

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Family Tech

Make Learning Fun With Robots




In today’s world, technology is everywhere from our kitchens, to our offices, to our cars. We use smartphones every day not just for work, but also for play. Maybe you’re reading this article on your phone right now. Some moms are worried about the impact of such widespread technology on their kids’ education. They may be worried that all the cell phones, computers, and smart TVs in today’s environment are too distracting for young people.


However, technology is a real part of children’s future careers. It can help kids learn any subject, especially when robotics are involved. More and more mom blogs are discussing the intersection of learning and technology, it seems like it’s the blogger’s choice as long as it’s relevant to their children’s education.

There are even competitions sponsored by everyone from the government to colleges for children to really show off what they’ve learned. One example is the Robot Olympics and another one is the Robots 4 Us video challenge. No matter where you are, there’s a fun way for your kids to learn about STEM and STEAM — science, technology, engineering, art and math — in an educational, engaging way.


One great place to start is by watching some videos and making robots at home. These fun, futuristic tutorials help kids learn how to make all kinds of things, like a motorized coloring machine, and more.

If your kids really like at home projects and watching robotics videos, why not try an afterschool program or a summer camp. There are many options out there for any curious boy or girl of any age. One first step to take is to look up your state and school district on the Afterschool Alliance page to check out what’s available.

Today’s technological options might seem a bit too new to those of us in the older generation, but they’re really not so scary. Kids can have fun and learn skills at the same time. The economy of the future is becoming more and more focused on technology and STEM skills.


By getting your kids into robotics, whether it’s a summer camp, an after school program, or an at home project, you’re giving them a future edge not only in school, but in their career as well. And as a parent, you’ll also learn valuable skills for your own career, as well as having lots of good, clean, family fun.



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Purposeful Parenting

Self Care Tips for Working Moms



Self Care Tips for Working Moms

Being a single working mom of twins and a teenager means I often put myself at the bottom of the to do list. Whether I’m playing chef, chauffeur, bandager of boo boos or homework advisor, the hat I put on least often is woman. As a married working mom, I practically forgot I was a beautiful woman and wife. As a single working mom, I struggle to embrace myself as a confident available woman. Focused mainly on carrying my family through the days, I forget that taking the time to focus on myself every once in awhile ultimately makes me a better parent. Here are some fun self care tips for working moms that could spark that little feisty woman you know is in there but haven’t seen in forever.

Self Care Tips for Working Moms

 1. Boudoir Shoot: Yup. I’m certain a great many of you just went “Yeah, right. Thanks for nothing.” WAIT! Seriously…I know this is what I do for a living, and I’m not listing this one at the top of the list as a shameless plug. I’m listing it at the top of the list because of the why behind what I do as a photographer. Our tagline at Modern Femme Photography is “because you deserve to feel beautiful.” A boudoir shoot is a fabulous way to celebrate and embrace your unique journey as a woman, be pampered, but most importantly, be reminded that you are beautiful, just as you are. And because it’s important to practice what you preach, I hopped in front of the camera a couple of weeks ago as part of a two-session process I’ve planned to reclaim my confidence and self-worth as a newly single woman.

2014-12-01_0016 2014-12-01_0021

2. Support Group: We have a great online community growing at Working Moms United that gives support and encouragement at those low points where being a work mom chips away at your energy, self-esteem and willpower. It’s a wonderful resource for moms on-the-go who need a pep talk but can only pop online here and there or might not have available time to meet up with others. I’ve also recently joined a local church and have been attending their quarterly women’s brunches. They provide child care for a few hours while I sit and chat with other women, feel refreshed and feel supported in prayer as a woman of faith. I’ve also identified a few key accountability partners in my life. Girl friends with similar life circumstances who can serve as trusted encouragers and keep me on track.

Working Moms United | Proud Member | Chaos & Kiddos

3. Learn Something New: Switching up the routine and enjoying something fresh and new can be a great way to recharge. Recently, I booked a makeup lesson with Dhalia Edwards of The Bride’s Corner. Dhalia is not only a dear friend of mine, but she’s incredibly talented both in her technique and her warm-hearted care of her clients. She patiently took 3 hours of her day to sift through my old, dated make up, repurpose old tools for new styles and teach me proper application techniques for everyday looks. Not only did I feel pampered and pretty when I left, but I felt rejuvenated and more confident in how to achieve a flawless look on my own.



4. Schedule Quiet Time: Spare minutes are a hot commodity for the working mom. Every second of every day feels tied to a never-ending to do list that typically revolves around everyone other than yourself. You need to make a choice to declare a bit of each day for yourself. Whether it’s 5 minutes, 20 minutes or the luxurious full hour, diligently schedule quiet time. Take the time to breathe in the quiet, write in a journal, pray, speak out gratitudes, do a few yoga stretches…whatever your peace may be. Do not allow yourself to skimp on this part of your day.

Self Care Tips for Working Moms

Remember, the first step towards being a better mom is being a better you. That better you needs some TLC! It may feel overwhelming or even scary to put any of these self care tips for workings moms into practice, but trust me, you’ll be glad that you did. Remember the positive, reclaim your beauty, refresh your soul and recharge!

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Purposeful Parenting

Year-End Money Tips for Working Moms and Female Entrepreneurs



Money Tips for Working Moms

I don’t know about you but the end of the year brings two thoughts…well, three thoughts for me. One, CHRISTMAS!!!!! Two, fresh start on January 1st! And three, holy cow, what’s my money situation? Taxes are coming.

A big, big thank you to Kristen Robinson, SVP of Women and Young Investors at Fidelity Investments for taking the time to develop these year-end money tips for working moms and female entrepreneurs!

Money Tips for Working Moms

2 Tips for Female Business Owners / Entrepreneurs:

Keep Your Future in Mind with the Right Retirement Account for Your Needs

  • Look into the different plans available to business owners, such as a 401(k) for Small Business, a self-employed 401(k), SEP IRA or SIMPLE IRA.  You may need to appoint a plan administrator- someone who takes care of administrative responsibilities and ensures the plan is operating according to the Plan Document.  Learn more about these different types of accounts here.  
  • Contribute to your account. The deadline for depositing employer profit-sharing contributions for the current calendar year is generally the business’ tax-filing deadline, plus extensions (for unincorporated businesses, this date is usually April 15 of the following year, plus any extensions).

Business Succession

  • If you own a business, have you considered how best to plan for the future?  If you plan to keep it in the family, consider creating a structure that makes it easier to transfer the business’s assets to other family members, such as a family limited partnership or a family limited liability company.
  • There are many options; your attorney or tax adviser can help you select one that is appropriate for you in light of your specific situation.

4 Tips for Single Moms:

Get Involved in Your Family’s Finances

  • It’s important to have a full picture of the family financial situation. At minimum, know what accounts you have and with whom. That includes banks and investing accounts, life insurance, mortgages, and loans. Having a handle on this information is an important foundation as you plan for the future, and can bring greater peace of mind.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Yes! Yes! Yes! I am still getting a grip on my finances after the divorce. I realize now how little I knew before and how problematic that can be.)

Money Tips for Working Moms

Save for Retirement

    • Retirement is not a destination but a journey, and it’s never too early – or too late – to start putting away savings for the future.  Along the way, there are myriad opportunities to get off the path—and back on it.  And at virtually any turn in the road, there are possibilities to speed up your progress.
      • Make it a goal to save 15% or more of your income each year. If that’s not reachable today, make sure to make it a priority to carve out what you can. Even smaller amounts will add up over time.
      • Aim to have no more than 50% of your take-home pay go toward your “must-have” expenses.

Try to Save Three to Six Months of Essential Expenses in an Emergency Fund.

Look for Growth Potential from your Investments

  • Knowing your financial personality can help you determine the right mix of stocks, bonds and short-term investments that match how comfortable you are with risk, and have the growth potential to meet your life’s needs, be that when you want to retire or when you want to send kids to college.
  • If you’re not sure where to start, read up online, or reach out to a professional.  There’s never a fee to come into Fidelity to talk to a financial planner, but we do recommend you reevaluate twice a year. Just like you take care of your physical health by visiting the doctor and dentist, think of this as taking care of your financial health, which is vitally important as well.

Protect your Legacy

  • In order to ensure that what you’ve accumulated is distributed to your children, family and causes you care about most, it is important to name beneficiaries and create a will and health care proxy. Yes, it can be uncomfortable to think about the ‘what it’s,’ but it’s important to be prepared for the unknown. Do you really want someone else making these decisions for you?



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