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Your Family And Friends Are Your Support



It can be a somewhat challenging ordeal to go through a period where your health is not the best. Not only does it affect your physical well-being, as well as your mental well-being, but it can have devastating effects on your emotional state.

Visiting a doctor can be quite nerve-racking. The diagnosis they may say to you could very much leave you in a catatonic state; devastating news can do such a thing. However, it is salient and highly beneficial for you to speak out and reach out to your family and friends about your condition; as they are your support group.

Googling your symptoms, which has become a prevalent trend among many people, will not prove as helpful to you in the long-term. More importantly, holding off to visit a doctor or not telling your family or friend about how you may be feeling could potentially cause you much more severe issues later on.

Reaching out to a family member or a friend and consoling to them about a health issue you may have will be most beneficial, as you will have someone who can listen to you about what you are feeling and therefore gain a different perspective. If you do happen to need legal assistance with any personal health issues then services like are on hand to help but it’s always a good idea to start by talking about your problems to close friends and family.’

Denying that you have an issue is something that causes far too many premature death to happen. And more importantly, disease or sickness that could have been stopped earlier on – after having waited and keeping the problem to yourself – become something that can no longer be treated.

It can be horrifying having to visit the doctor. You may not want to hear what they will have to say about your condition. This scenario is an argument that has long been debated by many.

Is it better to know you have only so long to live or would you rather not know?

But in knowing the condition, you will have the tools, the help, and the support you will need to fight whatever you may have. It is essential to take care of your health and to reach out for help.

Your family and friends are not just people you see every day – they are people that have a very prominent role in your life. They are people who are your support and your confidantes in life. It may be scary, but they will help you get through these most difficult times.

Reach out to your support because they are there to give you a hand.


Hey all! Big thanks to Katy Blevins for handing over the reins to me at the end of 2017 to fulfill my new years resolution to write...often! Based in Miami, you can find me blogging about family life as a mother of two young kids. But i'll also continue the Chaos and Kiddos theme of business, fashion, parenting, product reviews, and...well, I could go on and on.

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Top 5 Fab Foods For New Moms



The last thing new parents think about is food, so it’s easier to see why most new moms don’t know what’s the best things to be eating after childbirth. Which is why we have teamed up with Peak Body to round up 7 fab foods for ideal for new mummies.

The key to getting all the nutrients is eating healthy foods throughout the day, this ill in turn will maximize any energy you may have.


Often grouped into the superfood category – salmon is a powerhouse of nutrition. Like a lot of fatty fish, salmon is full of DHA, similar oily fish such as mackerel and tuna are also rich sources of this nutritional acid, which is crucial to the development of your baby’s nervous system.  Breast milk is naturally rich DHA but eating more will help increase the levels in your milk and in turn help your baby’s health.

Not only is DHA beneficial to your baby it can help with your mood and prevent postpartum depression.


If you are breastfeeding your little ones, then you should really be eating at least two servings of fruit a day. Although all fruit is healthy and rich in vitamins, blueberries are the MVP of the fruit game. Not only are these delicious little bundles of joys tasty but are full to the rim of vitamins and minerals. They also give you a healthy dose of carbohydrates that can give you more energy when trying to battle through the sleepless nights.

Brown Rice

Although you may be keen to lose all the baby weight it is important not to cut your carb intake drastically. Losing weight too quickly can rapidly decrease the amount of milk you a producing, as well as making you feel lifeless and sluggish. It’s better to switch to whole grain carbs such a brown rice or pasta instead of cutting your carb intake altogether. By giving your body a healthy number of calories, you are able to make the best quality milk for your baby.


If you are breastfeeding, you run the risk of dehydration. In order to avoid this and keep your energy levels nice and high, you should try to stay as hydrated as possible. You can do this by drinking water, juice or even milk. However, if you are choosing to drink caffeinated drinks be sure to keep this to less than 3 cups a day, this should hopefully stop any caffeine entering your milk.

Lean Beef

It’s no secret that lack of iron is one of the main contributors to tiredness and restlessness, which is why it’s important for new moms to get as much protein as possible whether this be from meat or protein supplements. Boost your energy with meats such a lean beef which is also an excellent source of vitamin B-12.

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Tips On Protecting Your Skin from Aging



Our skin is usually pretty good at staying healthy as it constantly regenerates and sheds cells. Over time, and after years of chemical and sun damage, the new skin cells may not be quite as good as their older counterparts. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to give your skin the boost it needs to look young and healthy.

Mind the Sun: UV radiation is a major threat to skin. While we may see the effects of overexposure immediately in the form of a sunburn, constant, unprotected exposure to the sun will also have negative effects on skin later in life. It is never too early, or too late, to be diligent about sun protection. If you love spending time outdoors, invest in a good sunscreen as well as SPF makeup. If you are already starting to see the effects of sun damage or happen to forget your sun protection for a day, serum Vitamin C can help soothe inflammation, protect your skin from free radicals and repair damaged cells.

You Are What You Eat, and Drink: A healthy diet has both short and long-term effects on skin. Make sure that you are getting plenty of nutrients and vitamins, especially as you become busier with work and family responsibilities. It is also important to drink enough water to keep your skin hydrated.

Invest in a Hyaluronic Acid Serum: Serums are packed with potent ingredients that can help protect your skin from aging. Among the most effective of these ingredients is hyaluronic acid, which is a powerful hydrating agent. Hyaluronic acid is naturally found in healthy skin and acts as a plumping agent by holding up to 1000 times its water weight. In case you are wondering where to buy hyaluronic acid, it can be found in plenty of various skin care and regeneration products like creams and serums.

While it is not possible to reverse time, you can combat the negative effects of aging on your skin.

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How To Teach Your Child To Brush His Teeth



Good dental practice begins at home, but every child needs the correct guidance to get started on the right dental routine. Up to 40% of children have cavities by the time they reach kindergarten and as your child’s baby teeth act like guides for their permanent ones, it is better for them to learn how to fight tooth decay and learn good dental practices from an early age.

Dr. Gary Lunn firmly advocates that good oral hygiene should begin before the child’s first tooth even appears. Parents have to ensure that the baby’s gums are kept clean and healthy, but the key to teaching your child how to brush their own teeth begins with making the whole process fun.

Allow your child to pick out their own toothbrush. Getting them to brush twice a day can be quite the challenge, and toothbrushes now come in a variety of colours, cartoon characters and sizes – all to make them more attractive to children. Even fluoride toothpastes are packaged attractively, available in different colours, shapes, flavours and some even have sparkly bits in them! Just ensure that the toothpastes have the ADA seal of approval.

Teach your child if they are below the ages of 3 to put a small amount of toothpaste on their brush – just about the size of a grain of rice. As they get older, between the ages of 3 and 6, they can upgrade to a pea sized amount, all under your supervision.

They should brush their teeth at a 45 degree angle, and brush the outer section of their teeth, the inner sections as well as the chewing areas of their teeth in short, gentle back and forth movements. The inner section of their front teeth can be cleaned by tilting the brush vertically with short up and down movements.

Parents must take great care to teach their young ones to spit after brushing to avoid swallowing the toothpaste.

To make brushing their teeth a daily, regular habit – this practice should be part of your family schedule. A family that brushes their teeth together, has healthier teeth longer.

If you are teaching them to brush on their own, play their favourite tunes, ensuring that they keep cleaning their pearly whites for the duration of the song – which should preferably be two minutes long. You can even create a reward chart – where the child gets a gold star or some equivalent symbol for having successfully brushed their teeth twice a day. The reward system works as a wonderful motivator for children to achieve their goals, and soon you will find that this habit becomes a regular one, even without a chart as the children get older.

You can even set a timer to make sure that your children don’t lose track of time.

However, to establish the great oral hygiene practices, it is best to schedule dental appointments so your dentist can educate the children about their teeth and how best to take care of them.

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